Result 2. Monitoring system


Capacity building of environmental Labs

  • Identification of needs for IK-Naryn Administration (SAEPF regional Laboratory) accreditation
  • Training laboratory personnel in POPs sampling, sample preparations, quality assurance and using the sampling equipment (learning by doing approach, study tour to Finland)
  • Theoretical training on POPs determination method
  • Training on interpretation of the results
  • Bottom fauna and fish sampling, hands-on training

Sampling and analyses

  • Selection of representative sample points
  • Water and sediment sampling on the Son Kul for POP, metals and other agreed elements
  • Analyses of environmental samples taken (analyses in Kyrgyzstan and Finland)
  • Fish and benthos sampling and analyses (in cooperation with stakeholders/beneficiaries)
  • Comparison sampling and analysis from a clean lake

Public monitoring (NGO capacity building)

  • Development of Guidelines for environment public monitoring (Based on the Finnish experience)
  • Training on public participation in environmental monitoring
  • Introduction of public monitoring component into existing environmental monitoring system with wide involvement of representatives from country based on Son-Kul lake case study 


Improved monitoring system