Result 3. Digital environmental information


ISEMWO - Information System of Environment Monitoring over Water Objects

  • Detailed specifications development for further development of Information system (DigiLab, water resources register → ISEMWO)
  • -Tender for sub-contracting software development
  • Development of ToR for ISEMWO
  • Further improvement of DigiLab, Water resources register and development of ISEMWO (Software)
  • Software user training to relevant stakeholders


Distribution of information and Awareness raising

  • Distribution of the material and delivering all the needed project information to all interest groups via round tables, workshops and awareness raising campaigns, including in cooperation with partners/stakeholders/beneficiaries
  • Development and printing of informational materials (Publications, brochures)
  • Maintenance of web pages


Support of local communities

  • Organization and conducting of the set of training on public participation (Right to public participation; Public monitoring and environment protection control; POPs;
  • technique on water, bottom sediments and benthos sampling)
  • Facilitation of local tour operators (Son-Kul area) via Workshops, training, round tables (probably in cooperation with UNDP Project “Aid for trade” financed by Finnish Government, Finnish business forum)




Improved environmental information system and access to environmental data