Advisory meeting on Project Component 3 “Water Information System”, April, 2018

On April 28, 2018 Project Advisory meeting took place in the SAEPF’s conference-hall. The chairperson of the meeting was Mr. Arsen Ryspekov, National Project Coordinator, SAEPF Deputy Director. Mr. Anssi Karppinen, Project Manager has represented the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). The representatives of structural SAEPF’s subdivisions, including Issyk-Kul Administration also took part at the meeting.

Consultations were organized under the Project Component 3 “Water Information System”, the expected output of which is completely in line with the basic principles of country-wide digital transformation Programme “Taza Koom”. The Project Component 3 is aimed at development and introduction of automated Information System on Environment Monitoring of Water Objects (ISEMWO) on the basis of SAEPF. ISEMWO will be developed in the form of Information Portal for environmental data users. Data will cover an information about surface water quality and will be properly visualized with possibility to search data by different parameters. It should improve reporting and informing procedures as well as help with timely and environmentally friendly decision-making. The software will be installed on the SAEPF’s server, and the link to ISEMWO will be published at the SAEPF’s web-site. Access rights to ISEMWO for the authorized SAEPF’s personnel will be segregated by different levels. At the initial stage the developed informational product will be tested for following adjusting to the real needs and requirements of SAEPF.