Technical assistance to Karatal-Djaparyk State Nature Reserve

In June 2018, Project handed over motor boat to Karatal-Djaparyk State Nature Reserve. A decision related to technical assistance in the form of inflatable boat with suspended motor has been made by Project Board on October 26, 2017.


The motor boat will be used for environmental monitoring of Son-Kul Lake, located on the territory of Karatal-Djaparyk State Nature Reserve. It should simplify and increase efficiency of water and bottom sediments sampling for following study of Son-Kul lake environmental status based on the results of Laboratory analyses. There is also plan to use boat as support to the environmental inspection service.

The motor boat has been successfully tested on Orto-Tokoi water reservoir. In August 2018 under project’s support it will be used for the field mission, associated with water and bottom sediments sampling as well as Lake’s bottom cleaning from old fishing nets and plastic garbage.