Lab equipment training, May 2017

On May  23-25, 2017 practical training on Lab equipment operation took place in the basis of Issyk-Kul territorial Administration SAEPF within the mission of Finnish expert. The trainer was Ms. Olga Kovru, SYKE’s lab expert.  Additional lab equipment and instruments used during training were provided to Issyk-Kul Lab under Project support.

Granted instruments are required for water and bottom sediments samples preparation for following determination of POPs with assistance of Gas Chromatograph with electron capture defector (GH-ECD).Practical exercises with gas chromatograph (GH-ECD) were organized with purpose to add additional compounds to the POPs determination. Also Issyk-Kul lake sampling was organized in order to practice with real water and bottom sediments samples before analyses of samples to be taken from Son-Kul lake in August 2017.