The third POPs training, Kyrgyzstan, October 2017

On October 10-20, 2017 in Cholpon-Ata city at the laboratory of SAEPF Issyk-Kul Administration the third phase of POPs (Method for determination of Persistent Organic Pollutants in environmental samples with assistance of  Gas Chromatograph with electron capture defector (GH-ECD).The training was organized in the form of “on-job training”. Trainers were the specialists from SYKE: Mr. Jari Nuutinen and Ms. Anne Markkanen.


The training aimed at teaching of SAEPF’s Lab specialists how to operate supplementary equipment (provide to SAEPF’s Laboratory in Cholpon-Ata within the project) required for sample preparation. Provided equipment includes freezing dryer, ultrasonicator, etc.

During the training, the real samples of water and bottom sediments (taken from Son-Kul) have been prepared. Prepared samples will be further analised on content of POPs, included into the Stockholm convention list. Analyses will be made in February 2018 under supervision of SYKE’s experts.

After training completion, all participants have received certificates conforming their participation and acquisition of new skills and knowledge.